Women claim squatters won’t leave their recently-purchased Henderson home

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A single mom and grandma said they are living a nightmare after pooling their life savings together and buying a home. They claim squatters occupied the home and they can’t get them out.

“My mom and I decided to buy a house together about two months ago because both of our rents were going to go up dramatically, about $500 apiece,” said Jen Larsen.

“We scrimped and scraped the two of us to get this and we were so excited,” said Larsen’s mother Donna Edmonds.

The four-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,700+ square foot home on Leadville Meadows Drive was supposed to be a dream home for Larsen, Edmonds and Larsen’s three kids, but it has turned into nothing short of a nightmare.

“We gave the seller seven days to move out because they said they needed the money from the sale of the house to move everything out of the house, so we are like okay we can give you seven days. We agreed to that all in the closing documents,” Larsen said.

The women said during that seven days, someone else moved in and has been living there ever since. The deed for the property shows a closing date of March 4. The women have never been able to occupy the home they technically own.

“I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. It’s been really, really stressful,” Edmonds said.

FOX5 obtained a copy of an eviction notice and went to the front door to ask the people living inside for their side of the story. The lights were on, but no one answered. While at the front door, a truck pulled in the driveway and there was an exchange with FOX5′s Kim Passoth.

Kim: Hi there, are you staying in this home?

Man: No, I’m not.

Kim: You are not staying in this home? No.

Kim: Are you just visiting?

Man: Yes. Thanks, I don’t want to be on camera.

Kim: Because the people who own this home say the people who live here are squatting here.

A woman who was in the truck later emailed FOX5 claiming she occupies the home and has a legal lease with the former owner of the property that runs until July 2. FOX5 asked her to send a copy of the lease which has not happened as of this report.

“Me and my kids are going to be homeless or have to figure it out, I guess. Meanwhile, this woman is living in our home that we paid for… she has been living there for free. We haven’t received a dime from anybody,” Larsen said.

FOX5 asked the woman living in the home via email if she has plans to move out and by when. She did not reply to those questions as of this publication.


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