What Will Be Popular This Year

What Will Be Popular This Year

  • I’m the founder of DBF Interiors — I’ve tracked the home-decor trends I think will be big in 2022.
  • With many still spending more time at home, we should be making use of outdoor space and offices.
  • People are also starting to add more fun colors and statement pieces to their homes. 

As the founder of and interior stylist at DBF Interiors, I’m always looking for the next big home-decor trends.

Many of us are still based at home, which turns our living spaces into multifunctional headquarters.

I have a hunch that 2022 design trends will include functionality, accessibility, and comfortability — with a dash of style and substance, of course.

Read on for some of this year’s leading interior-design trends.

Grandmillennial decor is still popular in the home

granny chic floral wallpaper

Wallpaper is a big feature of the design trend.


In 2021, the increasingly popular grandmillennial trend gained momentum.

We expect to see this fad intensify this year — millennials can’t get enough of the old-school maximalist trend that features ruffles, chintz, tassels, and toile wallpaper.

The grandmillennial movement also allows for style exploration and nostalgia.

We’re seeing an increase in pet-friendly furniture 

Pet-focused decor is all the rage this year.

Most people consider their pets part of their family. The “Barkitecture” design trend gives pets something comfortable to lounge on that’s still cohesive with your existing decor.

People are starting to get more creative with their work-from-home solutions

home office with armchair

Home offices are pretty much a must nowadays.


This year, we can expect our kitchens and spacious walk-in closets to continue to serve double duty as makeshift offices.

Many open-plan kitchens will continue to adapt into alternative work spaces with smart shelves, space-saving features, and maximized corners. I’m predicting an insurgence of kitchen nooks as cozy work-from-home options. 

Large walk-in closets can also be an alternative from working in the living room. 

But if you’re lucky enough to have larger additional space within your home, it’s time to seriously consider converting that spare bedroom into a home office.

I’m predicting a rise in meditation nooks

You can transform just about any corner of your home into a serene meditation nook.

They’re great for unwinding after a long day at work or as a place to score some alone time before you interact with your partner in the morning. 

To create a cozy sanctuary in the corner of a room, I recommend integrating comforting yet uplifting decor elements such as soft floor pillows, exciting artwork, a small side table or bench, and a colorful rug. If you can find a corner near a window, even better.

It’s time to leverage your porch and patio spaces for optimal relaxation

A wooden porch swing hanging on the porch of a brick house

Even a small porch can become an oasis.

ucpage/Getty Images

When we’re all confined in our homes, having a space to step out for fresh air is a true luxury.

Even if your porch or patio is small, there are ways to turn it into a space where you can work, relax, or read.

Fun, warm colors will breathe some life into homes this year 

Color can really impact the vibe of a space, whether it comes from the walls, furniture, or decor. 

I predict that warmer colors such as deep reds, yellows, and oranges will be on heavy display in living spaces this year to make them feel cozier. 

This year is going to be big for statement furniture and decor pieces

int design 4

Bold artwork and decor gives your space more personality.

Photo courtesy of DBF Interiors

Now more than ever, people are bringing their personalities to their living spaces by choosing statement furniture and decor that highlight their sense of style.

Think eye-catching couches and coffee tables and gently-crafted decor pieces. 

More people are creating dedicated private spaces in their homes

Being quarantined at home with roommates or family members for the past couple of years taught us the importance of privacy. 

Creating a dedicated private space at home can help you, and the people you live with, make time for quiet moments.


nooks, floating art walls, hanging curtains, and more can achieve this sense of privacy and peace. 

Crowded furniture arrangements are being overshadowed by open floor plans

Rust sectional couch and gallery wall in cute living room

Furniture with open, rounded shapes is in.


Inadequate spatial arrangements paired with large and clunky furniture can make your living room feel crowded.

This year, we’re focusing on essential yet unique furnishings that speak to your style while maintaining an open feng-shui floor plan that leaves room to breathe.


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