The purpose of a dual-zone wine fridge

As a serious wine collector or a first-time hobbyist, you might encounter the need for a wine fridge that would properly store your prized wine bottle collection. However, before doing so, it is highly recommended that you compare wine fridge models constructed by various manufacturers and distributed by many outlets around the globe. In addition, if you aspire to accumulate both red and white wine, you should take a closer look at the dual temperature wine fridges as they offer a unique ability to house both types of wine in one unit.

Can white and red wine be stored at the same temperature?

The answer to this question is still up for debate. But according to some wine experts, it would undoubtedly be a resounding “no”: Subsequently, there are some discussions surrounding this topic within the wine community, as the storage temperature of white and red wine is not an exact science. And it all depends on the wine connoisseur’s palate or preference. However, if the desire of the wine collector still lies in storing both types of wine in the same environment, the temperature needs to be regulated between 7 – 18 degrees Celsius. Some consensus can be reached when it boils down to red wine being served at a warmer temperature, such as room temperature, than its counterpart that requires a cooler climate to be thoroughly enjoyed. Henceforth, wine enthusiasts suggest that you can optimally store red wine at a steady 12 degrees Celsius.

How a dual-zone wine fridge works

A dual-zone wine fridge is a type of wine fridge with the unique ability to store red and white wine under two different temperature zones. This aptitude is achieved by adding a steel divider in the middle of the wine fridge, which can then regulate the airflow within each compartment. In addition, a dual-zone wine fridge also provides other much-needed features that would aid in the cooling and proper ageing process. For example, a humidity setting was added, which needs to be maintained at a steady 70%. If lacking, it can lead to unwanted occurrences, such as mould and mildew formation or even the nasty oxidisation process. Hence, these unfortunate happenings can damage the wine fridge and the wine bottles’ value. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, always keep your wine bottles safely tucked away in wine racks installed inside your wine fridge. The reason behind this is to ultimately prevent unnecessary bottle breakage and high vibration levels affecting the wine itself. For example, if the vibration noise is too high, such as in a normal refrigerator, it would cause an imbalance which in turn causes some wine sediment to flow into the bottom of the bottle. This phenomenon would be detrimental to the fundamentals of a good bottle of wine. Subsequently decreasing the value of the wine and leaving the wine drinker with it a little unenjoyable wine tasting experience.

Versions of dual-zone wine fridges

You would be pleased to know that dual-zone fridges are not only functional but can also be seen as pieces of art within your home. Some can be installed within existing cabinetry but can flow within your home. Henceforth, there are so many ways to place a dual-zone wine fridge that you would be left astounded. For example, how about placing such a unit under a beautiful staircase or converting an entire closet into a stunning wine room. And last but not least, how about a dual-zone wine fridge in your man cave or your home bar? Anyway, however you look at it, functionality can meet artistic needs.

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