the ‘BbBP’ furniture module shapeshifts for different home needs


‘BbBp’, a modular furniture piece that maximizes table usability 


as part of the spatial design programme at kookmin university in south korea, graduates yeaji kim, yerim yoon and inyeong oh present ‘BbBP’ – a furniture piece that maximizes table usability and convenience through a combination of chair modules. with the pandemic forcing people to concentrate different activities indoors, the function of a simple dining table has suddenly expanded. this is especially true in small households that can only hold a few furniture pieces. 


the dining table has become the furniture that supports many hours of working, dining, and gathering. we need that straight posture while working and then a more relaxed posture while eating. existing table sets, though, do not meet those needs,’ explain the team.

BbBP furniture set
the set includes 1 table, 2 chairs, and 2 stools



offering several combinations with a table, 2 chairs, + 2 stools 


therefore, the ‘BbBP’ module offers a simple solution to accommodate users’ new in-house needs and makes up for the limiting qualities of existing table and chair sets. the proposed design includes a table with two chairs and two stools that can seat up to four people at once. these features can change shape depending on the activity; users simply need to rotate the armrests and backrests and move the detachable stools around. 


by moving the stool sideways, users create an extra seat for visitors. alternatively, if they wish to set up an appropriate seating position for work and focus, homeowners can easily rotate the armchairs around. finally, each chair includes a hollowed bottom to store a stool that also doubles as a footrest. 

BbBP furniture set
the ‘BbBP’ set can take on different shapes to comfortably carry out activities at home

BbBP furniture set
using the stool as a footrest, users can enjoy a comfortable meal time

BbBP furniture set
detailed view of the backrests

maximize table usability and convenience through combination of chair module 4
separated modules of the backrest and armrest rotating at a 90-degree angle

maximize table usability and convenience through combination of chair module 5
user can push and pull the hidden stool under the chair module

maximize table usability and convenience through combination of chair module 9
the ‘BbBP’ module can easily be adjusted to offer the right setup for concentration and work

maximize table usability and convenience through combination of chair module 12
illustrating the different and possible combinations




project info:


name: BbBP
designers: yeaji kim, inyeong oh, yerim yoon

programme: department of spatial design at kookmin university

features: 1 table, 2 stools, 2 chairs



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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom


this modular furniture set seamlessly shapeshifts to accommodate different home activities

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