Wong had been nursing a growing apprehension about his work. He knew that his abstractions were good, but also that they were not especially distinguishable from abstractions by countless other artists. He regarded the praise he received online as “a comforting mirage.” For an untrained painter hopelessly far from New York, Facebook was essential, but

One of the most wonderful (and peculiar) things about gardening is the seemingly universal desire to defy climate to create landscapes that would be impossible in nature. While Singaporean gardeners flock to see cherry blossom trees flown in from the temperate regions of China and held in chilled glasshouses each “spring”, here in Blighty

Melissa, canine companion Blue, and Henry love their new home.

Melissa Baker and Henry Harris moved to Memphis after completing their graduate programs at the University of Mississippi, where they met when they were freshman. Henry grew up in Olive Branch and Melissa was from Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Henry always wanted to return to Memphis and that worked out well since Melissa wanted to practice