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FEATURE — The New Year is filled with resolutions that usually involve dieting and exercise. Gardening is a great way to help accomplish these two resolutions, while also improving your mood, reducing blood pressure, maintaining flexibility, burning calories and much more. 


Much of gardening is learned by trial and error – that means, from mistakes. We have all been in that situation.

The good news is we can learn from other people’s mistakes and our own.

Associated Press garden writer Jessica Damiano has this advice: “First, we need to admit we’re not perfect.”

Many years ago,

Growing fresh produce may seem impossible for many who live in a city, but the rising popularity of urban gardening could change that sentiment.

Baton Rouge’s community gardens, like Baton Roots, are scattered throughout the city. The community gardens aim to make gardening accessible for all residents. These shared gardens work by encouraging the community

Much of gardening is learned by trial and error – for many, mostly error.

Planting a shade-lover in full sun isn’t likely to breed success, nor is letting your emotions run rampant at the nursery. But we’ve all been there, and the good news is we can learn from others’ mistakes as well as our

Linda Workman Smith The Shawnee News-Star

Have you ever heard the saying “the faster I go the behinder I get?” That is me to a T here at my Two Acre Paradise/Three Dog Circus.

The Multi-County Master Gardener Association annual plant/ rummage sale takes a huge bite out of my time all year, but especially