Over the years, many theories have popped up to attempt to explain why spending time in green space can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, improve self-image and, in some studies, even measurably reduce the need for pain medication. From their purported ability to clean the air, to allegedly mood-lifting compounds emitted by soil

If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space, be it a rambling garden or a compact balcony, now is the time to think about using it to its full potential. From bright blooms to pretty pots and fruit trees to wildflowers, we asked the experts about the garden trends they’re passionate about this year.


To me it’s one of the perpetual mysteries of gardening: why some plants, despite appearing to really have it all, somehow still languish away from the horticultural spotlight. Very near to the top of that list must be hellebores, with their exotic blooms opening up as if by magic in the dead of winter.

One of the most wonderful (and peculiar) things about gardening is the seemingly universal desire to defy climate to create landscapes that would be impossible in nature. While Singaporean gardeners flock to see cherry blossom trees flown in from the temperate regions of China and held in chilled glasshouses each “spring”, here in Blighty

One of the best things about old-school gardening advice is how it connects us, in a very direct way, with our shared heritage. However, by the same token, many practices can keep us tethered to cultural ideas that are long past their practical or even aesthetic relevance. Just like the fact that we now