Rubber Vs Vinyl: What is actually the Much better Kind of Backyard Hose?

Rubber Vs Vinyl: What is actually the Much better Kind of Backyard Hose?

Rolling out the yard hose to drinking water the lawn, your flowers and landscaping is relatively of a rite of spring. But do you know what type of hose is most effective for you? Sure, even the most seemingly straightforward gardening instruments have a wide range of alternatives for householders to choose from. In phrases of backyard garden hoses, there are issues like thickness, duration and substance that ought to be viewed as. The latter aspect is one of the most important to take into consideration and typically boils down to regardless of whether a rubber or vinyl/plastic yard hose is most effective for your condition.

So what will it be for you – plastic or rubber? This is a look at the professionals and disadvantages of each individual.


Commonly speaking, plastic or vinyl garden hoses are the less expensive of the two aforementioned hose possibilities. They’re also better for additional fundamental gardening needs, as these hoses are likely to be lighter in bodyweight and a lot easier to handle, nevertheless much less resilient than their rubber counterparts. Here is a appear at more pros and cons of plastic or vinyl hoses:

Professional: Fantastic for moderate climates. Plastic has a tendency to warp when exposed to extended hot temperatures. Commonly, the additional delicate climates are perfect for this hose sort. Although it can continue to be applied in extra extreme situations, owners are usually advised to retail outlet it when not using it to stay clear of warping and untimely have on in this sort of ailments.

CON: Kinks. Plastic or vinyl hoses kink much less complicated than rubber ones.

CON: Injury less difficult. Plastic/vinyl hoses you should not roll up as straightforward as rubber ones and are extra probably to crack and create leaks in chilly weather.


Rubber hoses are a a lot more expensive alternative than plastic/vinyl hoses and as a result appear with a bigger up-front charge. But they are also additional tough and ideal for a lot more intensive gardening operations. Here’s a closer look at some pros and disadvantages of rubber hoses:

Professional: Extended long lasting. Rubber hoses are greater top quality than plastic/vinyl, that means they final more time, are less complicated to retail store and a lot more resistant to kinks. They are also better capable to endure additional extraordinary weather problems than plastic or vinyl hoses. They can also be ordered with a reinforced lining which tends to make them a lot more resistant to kinking and cracking.

CON: Heavy. Rubber hoses are more resilient than vinyl hoses – which is great. But they’re also heavier and a lot more labor intense to maneuver, which can be off-putting for lots of. If you happen to be still not bought on either of the aforementioned alternatives, why not take into consideration a hose which is the most effective of the two worlds? Which is ideal, rubber/vinyl hose mixtures are obtainable that blend the lightweight of plastic hoses with the sturdiness of rubber hoses. Nevertheless, a person con to this style of hybrid hose is that they are usually priced much more than regular rubber hoses, which are the extra pricey choice in the rubber vs. plastic garden hose arena. So a rubber/vinyl hose will possible be the most pricey possibility you can obtain.

So what will it be for you and your gardening needs – plastic, rubber or hybrid?

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