Positioning Techniques For Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Video Editing is a crucial tool for agents to showcase properties effectively. As highlighted in this blog, using professional videos can enhance the property’s appeal and help in positioning the realtor as a market expert. It aids in creating a compelling narrative about the property, captivating potential buyers

Just not too long ago I was asked to do a talk for my excellent mate and co-writer
of our ideal-providing book in Singapore titled Get Prosperous Now: 15
Techniques from a Self-produced Millionaire, Dr Dennis Wee. (Dr Wee is a single of
Singapore’s most celebrated business owners. In spite of not obtaining done his
significant school education, he managed to commence and construct up his individual genuine
estate enterprise, Dennis Wee Group, to become of Singapore’s primary actual
estate businesses making S$3.8 billion worth of gross sales in 2006.)

He preferred me to share some advertising and marketing secrets with his true estate
brokers and I was much more than pleased to do so mainly because I believe that there is so a great deal
more that brokers can do to place, brand name and sector their products and services.
Regrettably, most brokers, irrespective of whether in authentic estate or economical services
(insurance plan) or any other industries, are likely to see on their own just as a
salesperson. This notion of on their own is restricting their expansion and revenue!

By contemplating that they are just salespeople, they never see the
options of expanding their professions into entire-fledge businesses. There are
so significantly a lot more gains for a person to feel large and construct a big company,
in contrast to just present, and creating a living. Donald Trump reported: “If
you’re heading to be imagining, you could as perfectly consider large.” But that is
another matter for yet another session.

Below, I’m going to demonstrate you some comprehensive illustrations of how an agent can
differentiate himself working with some straightforward positioning and branding
techniques that I have utilised with other consumers to wonderful accomplishment.

Several people today perceive that staying an agent in any business is like currently being
a salesperson. An individual who is usually competing with all the other
1000’s of salespeople in the market. To a sure prolong it is right.
These other brokers are also wanting for the exact specials that you are. It
is a subject of who receives the deal very first. So they are relentlessly going
out there to cold prospect.

Now, I am not a fan of cold prospecting. To me, cold prospecting is
like bashing your head from the wall, hoping it will crumble prior to you
begin bleeding… most folks just conclusion up staying really disappointed. Why do
you imagine new brokers will not previous long? I strongly suspect it’s due to the fact
they realized that their heads won’t be able to go from the wall.

But there are methods to turn the table all around. In my talks I like to request
the audience: Would you want to operate difficult and glimpse for potential customers, OR
would you want to let your prospective customers find you out?

The solution is noticeable.

But much more than just getting fewer work and an a lot easier time, there are
further psychological positive aspects to remaining ready to allow your prospective buyers seek you
out instead of you chilly prospecting them. Only explained, when you look for
anyone out, you will be open to the person’s ideas, tips, experience.
That is the cause you look for him/her out in the first location–to get qualified

There would not be the wall of resistance you have grown accustomed to when
you cold prospect. In reality, now it is them who are jumping about hoops to
seek out you out in your domain. Person, it is usually remarkable to communicate about

Believe that me, it is really a entire new paradigm. Consider you starting to be a celeb
overnight and men and women are just undertaking almost everything they can to get in touch
with you. Believe of stars of truth reveals like Survivor and American
Idol… It is that powerful!

So how can you achieve that?

Let’s look at a standard circumstance:

You have in all probability have opened your letter box working day immediately after working day only to
come across it stuffed with piles of flyers from different genuine estate agents. Just
acquire a closer look. You will understand that all of them claim to be the
“specialist” in the region. Now if all people is a specialist, then does it
make any difference who you connect with? Totally NOT!

“But I am various from the relaxation. I have more expertise, good quality,
and so forth…” you protest.
Let me be upfront. It doesn’t subject who you are or what your
history is. If the prospective clients you should not recognize that straight absent, you are just
like everyone else. No make a difference how distinctive you believe you truly are.
Repeat soon after me: If you are like each individual-system else, you are a no-overall body.

Bear in mind: It really is all about their notion, not yours.

So in its place of getting just one more space professional, be diverse. So far
I’ve not occur across any agent who positions him/herself as the
expert to serve “to start with-time property purchasers”. Do you feel that is impressive?

Very first-time property consumers are inexperienced. They will not know what to
count on, what the total acquiring course of action is heading to be like, how extended will it
take, what attainable hiccups may possibly take place, and so on. They are in a area the place
they you should not know what they will not know. Do you believe they have different
desires/worries when compared to individuals who have acquired a residence just before? Of
program! If you are capable to get their believe in, do you assume they will seem
for somebody else?

The place is this: you have the information that initially-time potential buyers are
on the lookout for (in actuality all authentic estate agents must know these
facts). But by permitting them know that you are the skilled who can tutorial
them via the complete course of action safely and securely, will in alone, earn you a closed

You may well have to have to make some minor alterations in the way you do items,
these kinds of as describing the obtaining method more thoroughly, heading by the
nitty gritty details that you will never generally require to with skilled
prospective buyers, and many others. But all these will help to cement your positioning and
branding as the pro to serve first-time purchasers. And once your branding
receives out, you will be chaotic with so numerous referrals for other 1st-time
purchasers. Is the 1st-time customers current market enormous enough for you?

As soon as you have set up your branding, it is easy to sector your
solutions. You can quickly get the publicity that once utilised to be impossible
for you. If the media would like to get an viewpoint on what first-time potential buyers
imagine about a new housing coverage, who do they glance for? They will
job interview the pro (you). And just after appearing in the media, you will have
attained even additional trustworthiness. Can you see how this will snowball into
your income?

It all begins with creating a potent positioning, branding and
advertising method that is ideal for you.

What other positioning can differentiate you? How about:
o The assets investments qualified (investors appreciate to operate with these
who fully grasp their investing needs, an individual who is not just yet another
agent) or

o Divorce circumstances professional (they certainly have distinctive requirements as
in contrast to the usual buyers) or

o Downgraders or upgraders or

o Provide only those seeking for magnificent, substantial-conclusion properties worthy of $XX
volume and earlier mentioned (your support have to of course reflect that) and

o Lots of far more!

As you can see, it is critical to create a impressive positioning to get
your prospective customers to start out wanting specially for you. I guarantee you I am
not an skilled of the true estate market. But I am an skilled in
positioning, branding and advertising and marketing. These very same ideas can be utilized in
other industries, this sort of as the fiscal solutions sector, flawlessly

So begin positioning you currently!

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