Southern Red Army Three-Year Guerrilla War Memorial / Huajian Group Shanghai Architectural Design & Research Institute

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Text description provided by the architects. Before get to the memorial hall, there is a mountain road composed of winding paths and steps. The

Facebook Engineering recently published how it built its general-purpose key-value store, known as ZippyDB. ZippyDB is Facebook’s biggest key-value store, which has been in production for more than six years. It offers flexibility to applications in terms of tunable durability, consistency, availability, and latency guarantees. ZippyDB’s use cases include metadata for distributed filesystems, counting

Stefano Boeri Architetti Combines Architecture, Agriculture, and Aesthetics in Newly Unveiled Project

Stefano Boeri Architetti combined the concept of “Vertical Forest” and “Farm of agricultural industry” in its newly-unveiled urban vertical farm titled “Urban Vertical

Fall is the perfect time to refresh your home by tackling your home maintenance to-do list.  To help you

These 12 local names in home design are adding stylish touches to Madison interiors.

Kris Aman of Green Rhino Design
Years before the DIY concept became trendy, Kris Aman was installing sinks, tiling floors and working on her own home. Why hire a builder, she thought, when you can work at your own pace? “I