Oklahoma woman worried about mom in nursing home, claiming bad living conditions and care; state survey report shows home’s past issues

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A metro daughter is worried about her 90-year-old mother due to what she said are bad living conditions and issues with care at a local nursing home.

An inspection on the Tuscany Village Nursing Center was done in July 2021.

The center was found to be “not in substantial compliance” with multiple Medicare/Medicaid requirements.

“It’s just too much,” said Susie Knight. “It’s too much.”

Dripping faucets, dirty floors, and rooms and caved in ceilings. Knight said the Tuscany Village Nursing Center where her mother, Opal lives hasn’t been the best for them.

“I’m just fed up with it,” she said.

Her mom has lived there for the past two years with dementia.

Knight said the problems in the facility shown in the below pictures haven’t changed over that time.

She claims that the care for her mom, or lack thereof, has also been an issue.

“Oh my god, she’s been in terrible shape,” Knight said.

Knight said when she goes to visit her mom, she’s usually soiled herself and had been sitting in her room like that for hours.

“She needs to be looked after at least every two to three hours,” she said. “It’s just not acceptable for her to be looked after every eight to twelve hours.”

KFOR received a document from the Oklahoma State Department of Health that deals with the Department of Human Services. That document can be read in full below.

It is dated August 11th, 2021, discussing a survey report done by the State Survey Agency on July 8, 2021.

In it, it states that the nursing home was found to be “not in substantial compliance” for multiple Medicare/Medicaid services. Some violations listed were dealing with a safe, clean, comfortable, homelike environment, quality of care, free of accident hazards, supervision or devices, sufficient nursing staff, and activities of daily living care for dependent residents (something Knight’s mom needs as a dementia patient).

The facility at the time was facing termination of their Medicare/Medicaid provider agreement, which the state department of health tells KFOR isn’t very common.

The home has since gotten in compliance since the date they had to be was set for January 8, 2022. The termination of their agreement was rescinded, but not before over $35,000 in fines were issued.

Knight said with all this, it’s been a rough couple years.

“We’re trying to figure out what to do from day to day,” she said. “But we know we have to be there in order for her to have some kind of care.”

We reached out to the nursing home for comment on the multiple issues alleged in this story. They responded to the collapsed ceiling and that statement can be read in full below.

“Last week, Tuscany Village had a leak in the ceiling in 1 of our 3 communal shower rooms.  A remediation company was notified to address the leak at the time of occurrence, and we are in the process of repairing this shower room.  The facility has two other communal shower rooms that have and continue to be in use currently.  Both are available to all residents in the facility and are in proper working order. Finally, all resident rooms are in working order.  The safety and comfort of our residents remains our top priority.”

Facility Representative for Tuscany Village

The nursing home did not respond to the allegations of care, or lack thereof, given to patients nor the DHS report.


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