Oklahoma County Extension offers February gardening tips

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Gardening picks up in February. It is the month many gardeners cut back ornamental grass, prune summer flowering shrubs, and plant strawberries, asparagus crowns, trees and shrubs. Below is a list of things to do. Happy gardening.

  • Base any fertilizer application on a soil test.
  • Fertilize ornamental, fruit, and nut trees and shrubs, annually.
  • Finish pruning shade trees, summer flowering shrubs and hedges. Spring blooming shrubs such as forsythia may be pruned immediately after flowering.
  • Most bare-rooted trees and shrubs should be planted in February or early March.
  • Apply first pre-emergent summer annual herbicide to turf areas from February to mid-March.
  • Begin the vegetable garden with cool-season crops such as potatoes, onion and radishes.
  • Dormant oil can still be applied to control mites, galls, overwintering aphids, etc.
  • Spray peaches and nectarines with a fungicide for prevention of peach leaf curl before bud swell.
  • A product containing glyphosate plus a broadleaf herbicide can be used on dormant Bermuda in February when temperatures are above 50 F for winter weed control.
  • Place Nantucket pine tip moth pheromone traps by March 1.
  • Pre-emergent crabgrass control chemicals can still be applied to cool and warm season turfgrasses. Heed label cautions when using any week killers near or in the root zone of desirable plantings.


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