Living room paneling ideas: 10 ways to add practical character

Table of Contents Living room paneling ideas 1. Use square paneling for a neat, geometric look2. Frame your artwork3. Keep it minimal4. Paint living room paneling a neutral color 5. Create a monochrome look6. Use a unique fabric panel 7. Coordinate with your wallpaper  8. Use exposed wood paneling for a rustic effect 9. […]

A beautiful, decorative feature for the home, living room paneling ideas can work well in both traditional and contemporary interiors, adding long-lasting character and charm to your space. 

Living room paneling can add depth and luxurious texture, as well as being a practical addition to your walls for added durability, insulation and protection. Paneling ideas for walls are a perfect addition to living room decor, as the room needs to reflect your personal style as well be durable and timeless, with paneling effortlessly being able to provide all.

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