Lawn tips: Gardening expert shares ‘essential’ trick for keeping grass healthy

Lawn tips: Gardening expert shares ‘essential’ trick for keeping grass healthy

Caring for the lawn the right way will ensure the grass is healthy and thriving all year round. After all, a lawn is the focal point of most gardens. While the lawn never stops growing completely, caring for the grass in its dormant period is crucial for those who want to see new, healthy growth for when the next season comes around. With just weeks left of winter, it’s time to get the lawn ready for the spring weather.

There are still seven weeks of winter left, so gardeners should make the most of this time to care for their lawn so that it is thriving come spring.

Luke Dejahang, CEO of Crown Pavillions explained how the colder months make it more difficult for gardeners to take care of their lawn.

He said: “Being in the depth of winter can make it challenging to maintain your lawn and keep it looking fresh throughout the colder months. 

“So, to prepare your garden for the summer, there are some important care tasks you should do.”

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Keep off the grass

During winter it is important that Britons try to avoid standing on their grass as much as possible.

Frost is still common at this time of the month so keep an eye out for particularly cold mornings as a sign that the lawn is extra delicate.

Standing on the lawn at this time can cause damage as grass cannot repair itself in winter.

Luke explained: “When it’s wet or frosty, it’s best to keep off the grass and let it rest as much as possible.

“During this season of rough weather, grass plants are not growing, and won’t be able to repair themselves until the spring if they are damaged, meaning it’s best to steer clear of the grass if you can.”

Instead, gardeners should work on their lawn from the surrounding edges to avoid squashing the soft turf in the centre of the grass.

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Fertilise the lawn

In the winter it’s still important to fertilise the lawn.

However a different type of fertiliser needs to be used during this period.

Luke said: “Using granular fertiliser won’t work because the air temperature is too cold. 

“Instead, the best solution is to use liquid iron and seaweed that can be absorbed, and keep protecting the soil.”

Winter fertilisers are packed with phosphate and potassium at increased levels.

This will encourage the growth of roots and strengthen the lawn under the soil.

Fertilising in the winter will also help to promote “healthy” grass growth for the spring.

Clean up the lawn

Clearing up the lawn is a vital part of winter lawn care.

A build up of leaves and debris can create the ultimate breeding ground for unwanted pests.

Luke explained: “In the winter it’s still important to continue cleaning up your lawn, making sure there isn’t debris or leaves left out. 

“These things can smother the grass, making perfect conditions for unwanted pests.”

He also an “essential” hack to keep the lawn looking healthy.

Luke said: “It’s also essential to continue raking the lawn to break up soil clumps and keep it healthy.”

Use a rake to remove fallen leaves from your lawn and add to your compost heap.

Alternatively, gather leaves from your lawn and make leaf mulch for your plants – they are a great organic source of nutrients for growing plants.

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