konstantin grcic crafts furniture pieces which act as ‘micro-architecture’

konstantin grcic to exhibit at milan design week


As part of Milan Design Week, Giustini/Stagetti presents DAYBED and WALL: two exclusive, limited-edition furniture pieces by Konstantin Grcic. The two pieces will be presented with an exhibition at NFQ entitled ‘Ceci n’est pas un mur,’ which ‘ironically makes reference to Magritte’s famous painting of a pipe which is known to be an image of a pipe and not the object itself.’ With this reference to Magritte, the designer provokes the viewers to question their perception of the objects that surround them.


Both DAYBED and WALL are designed to reinterpret the classical format of furniture on the scale of a ‘micro-architecture.’ In doing so, the pieces will exist to furnish a space and create space in turn. The pieces for Giustini/Stagetti were realized in collaboration with Roberto Primiceri, a cabinet maker who, amongst others, worked closely with the late Umberto Riva.

konstantin grcic crafts furniture pieces which create space as 'micro-architecture'
Konstantin Grcic, Daybed, 2022 | courtesy Galleria Giustini, image by Omar Golli





Designed by Konstantin Grcic (see here), Giustini/Stagetti (see here) presents the DAYBED as a self-contained cell for reading, studying and contemplation. The piece suggests a contemporary interpretation of the renaissance-era studiolo, a small room dedicated to introspective contemplation.


The mattress is nestled inside a wooden box with a wall at its head that is opened up by a small window with a ledge projecting outwards. The longitudinal wall which stretches the length of the bed integrates a wooden drawer and a shelf. This shelf then expands into a small desk area, which cantilevers to the outside of the box and invites users to pull up a chair. The main structure of the DAYBED is built of saw-cut oak veneer, while the mattress is wrapped in a neutral wool bouclé, creating a tranquil warmth.

konstantin grcic crafts furniture pieces which create space as 'micro-architecture'
Konstantin Grcic, Daybed (detail), 2022 | courtesy Galleria Giustini, image by Omar Golli





Meanwhile, Konstantin Grcic’s WALL takes shape as a large, free-standing structure, an assemblage of three modules of different lengths — Wall A measuring one meter, Wall B two meters, and Wall C three meters. Each module is designed to be reconfigured easily with a multitude of organizations. The team notes that WALL recalls a large-scale model of a high-rise building, developing across multiple levels. The work integrates architectural elements suggesting a staircase, a supply shaft, a window.


The designer notes that while WALL could easily function as a bookshelf, it can be used in many ways given its size and formal diversity, depending on the user’s needs or imagination. WALL is made in wood; it is hand-painted in grey such that the individual brush strokes are visible. Its colour emphasizes the piece’s architectural character and solidity.

konstantin grcic
Konstantin Grcic, Wall B, 2022 | courtesy Galleria Giustini, image by Omar Golli

konstantin grcicKonstantin Grcic, Wall C, 2022 | courtesy Galleria Giustini, image by Omar Golli


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