Importance of regular Face Wash & Skin Care Routine to follow

It is necessary to clean all parts of your body every day. Otherwise, it will be filled with dirt, dust and germs, thereby causing various types of health issues. It is equally important to wash your face regularly and properly as it is the main part of the body that is noticed by others. A clean looking face is sure to attract people, while a dull looking, dirty face will only compel others to avoid you. 

Importance of regular face wash

There are several products readily available in the market. You need to invest only in the best face wash that is free from chemicals and is completely safe for your skin. Face wash should rather be made a routine chore to ensure having clean, glowing skin that will be admired and appreciated by everyone around. With proper and regular face wash, you can eliminate all dust particles accumulated in the region. Using a good moisturizer also helps to keep your smooth supple, smooth and young. You need to understand that soaps are not good as they contain chemicals in them that are harsh, especially on sensitive skin. 

Several brands have been launched in the market offering face washes to suit different types of skin. You need to first identify your skin type and determine your budget. Accordingly invest in one that offers the best results without involving any side effects. A good face wash also helps combat harshness of sun’s rays and eliminate pollutants that otherwise if left alone could damage your skin. Chemical-based soaps only roughen up your skin and also lead to wrinkle development. Again, hard face wash, not matching your skin type is likely to cause several problems. Hence, it becomes essential to use the right type of face wash to suit your skin type. 

With some research, you can come across herbal and organically prepared face washes. They can safeguard your skin from those unwanted side effects.

Benefits of regular face wash

Facial care is of utmost importance. Regular usage can help you derive the benefits. It will also keep you fresh all the time. It also helps reduce white heads and black heads. After bath, you are to use morning cream as it will enable having tender skin. Sunscreen should be applied every day, be it when going outside or even at home. Take care of your skin based on changing weather patterns and you are sure to have beautiful looking skin. 

Tips to having proper & correct face wash

The truth is that a good number of people are not aware of the correct ways to wash their face. Some are of the wrong belief that more washing of the face will mean experiencing less acne breakouts. But the truth is, over washing leads to developing more acne problems. The reason cited is because over washing results in skin dryness and irritation. Over drying the skin compensates the pores by producing more sebum. This, in turn, increases occurs of pore clogs. Hence, using improper acne medication is also likely to cause similar unwanted results. 


Face wash is recommended only twice a day and no more than that. You need to wash once during morning hours and the second time at night. Use cleanser or mild soap along with warm water. 


Do not use cleansers with salicylic acid as it might be excessively abrasive. Health experts suggest using cleansers having glycerine content in them as it acts similar to a gentle moisturizer. It helps protect the skin from over drying while washing. 

Avoid using washcloth for washing your face

They only are likely to be excessively abrasive and irritate your skin. Rather, use your hands for washing purpose and move gently in circular motions. 

Dry face

It is essential to pat gently your face to dry using a soft, clean towel. It is a vital aspect that many tend to ignore. Based on your drying performance, washing can be termed your enemy or friend. 

Making mistakes will only lead to resulting in developing unwanted pimples. 

Easy & simple skin care regimen that working women should follow

There are many working women who lead a busy, hectic lifestyle. Preparing breakfast and children for school and rushing to office can be a cumbersome and tiresome task, especially if done on a daily basis. Then what about beauty regimen? Perhaps you are skipping it. If you don’t take care of your skin, then it will only appear ageing, become dull, cause acne breakouts, etc. 

Effective & easy skin care routine to follow

  • Wash face every morning. This is an important step you should not miss out. For this, use gentle cleanser or the best face wash for glowing skin. But before shopping for one, you are to first identify your skin type. Accordingly select a cleanser or face wash that suits your skin type as it will help prevent negative effects. Use non-lathering facial cleanser for dry skin or gentle foaming face wash for oily skin. For sensitive acne-prone skin, choose acne fighting cleanser. 
  • Moisturize: Every skin type does require proper moisturizing. In case you are required to venture out during the day or morning, do remember to apply sunscreen. Busy women should select multipurpose product offering adequate hydration, sun protection as well as work as foundation. There are available CC & BB products that can be used as BFF. They rather work as moisturizer, serum, primer, foundation and sunscreen with SPF. 
  • Toners: There are available facial cleansers in the market. But not all of them are created to clean carefully trace of dirt and oil. Hence, use a good quality toner. Use cotton pad and then dab on your skin with toner. Dirt will come off immediately from your skin including residue left by the facial wash used. On toning, your pores start to shrink, thereby preventing pimple and acne formation. Use only alcohol-free toner. 

Therefore, following a properly chalked out facial care regimen will allow your face to glow, appear fresh, young and beautiful all the time.

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