I’m an interior designer and I think your home looks ‘cheap’ if you have certain rugs, drapes, or towels

YOUR home is your castle (or it should be) but small design mistakes are making it look less than regal, according to home experts.

The little details in your decor could be making your home look cheap, and the fix is as simple as swapping your rugs, window treatments, sheets, and towels.

Rugs, sheets, and window treatments are all areas where your home might look cheap


Rugs, sheets, and window treatments are all areas where your home might look cheapCredit: Getty
Small details can elevate your living space


Small details can elevate your living spaceCredit: Getty

Three interior designers speaking to Bustle passed along their tips for making your home look chic instead of cheap, and the small mistakes you’re probably making now.


To transform your home, start from the ground floor by reassessing your rugs.

“There are tips to keep in mind when you are shopping for a rug depending on the space it’s going to,” said Chanel Padza, the interior designer behind decor blog Coco on Fifth.

If your room seems off, there’s a good chance that your rug is too small for the space.

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“This mistake happens all the time,” Padza reassured.

“For a living room, the rule of thumb is to have the furniture touch the rug. Depending on the space, you want to at least have the first legs of your pieces be on the rug,” she continued.

As long as those front legs of your furniture are on the rug, you can make any other adjustments to fit your personal preference.

And if your favorite rug falls short of the room you’d like to put it in, a quick fix is to layer it with another, larger floor covering.

“Try putting a sisal rug underneath it that is appropriate in size for the space and then place the other rug on top,” Padza recommended.


The other area in your living room where size is crucial: your windows.

When you choose shorter window treatments to save money, or because you measured your windows incorrectly, you’re making your space look cramped, Padza explained.

“Almost always, your window treatments should touch the floor and be hung a couple inches above the top frame of your window,” Padza said.

If you find fabulous curtains that seem way too long at first glance, keep an open mind, because they could very well be just the thing your small space needs.

“You can even go higher and that will make your space look bigger,” she added.


Towels and sheets are a perfect illustration of the phrase “the devil in the details.”

While good-quality towels and sheets may seem like a luxury, cheap ones make your home feel like a budget motel.

Interior designer Joe Cangelosi said investing in a “nice set of plush cotton towels” is an instant upgrade for your bathroom.

Along with a fluffy feel, there are other details you can look for to make sure your towels are of nice quality.

“Towels that have a seam sewn up the long sides are a sure sign of a good product,” Cangelosi advised.

Give your sheets the same treatment: swap the old, scratchy, thin sheets for something in an eye-catching but uncomplicated pattern.

Again, scout out a deal on luxe fabrics for an upgrade that everyone will notice – guests and residents alike.

“For sheets, get 100 percent cotton in a good thread count,” Cangelosi said.


One of the fastest – and least expensive – ways to upgrade your home is to replace your dated or damaged hardware.

Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer at Trendey, said that replacing cabinet handles, sofa legs, drawer pulls or tabletops is the simplest way to elevate every room in your house.

“These small touches elevate the look of the entire piece of furniture,” DelMonico explained.

“Because they are smaller accents, you can spend more and not bust your budget.”

For drawer pulls and cabinet handles, you can look online, scout estate sales for vintage additions, or take inspiration pictures of more expensive furniture along to your hardware or craft store.

While you’re picking up new hardware, also consider grabbing high-quality contact paper to touch up any rough surfaces on your furniture.

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It’s an easier tactic than painting and provides a more cohesive, sophisticated look.

“You could buy a roll that mimics the look of marble,” DelMonico said. “Then cover your tabletop for an upgraded look to a plain table.”

A too-small rug makes your room look much smaller than it is


A too-small rug makes your room look much smaller than it isCredit: Getty

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