How to use moving straps

Moving straps can be used for lifting heavy items that you could not handle normally such as washing machines, fine cabinets, sofas etc., whether you are taking the assistance of your friends or hiring the professional movers, moving straps are very essential to makes things better to go. Moving straps used to lift furniture and secure them so they could not slip from your shoulders and the straps perfectly work to center the item you are lifting. There are two basic designs of moving straps the one is shoulder, and second is forearm. You can easily purchase the moving straps as the cost for the forearm straps would be almost $25, and for the shoulder straps you just have to pay $40.

A most frequently asked question is when to use moving straps if you planning to use a moving dolly its safe to transfer the items with them, but the better approach could be to use the moving straps rather than a moving dolly.  So if you are confused about which one to use, you must go for moving straps rather than dolly. 

Whether its about using a forearm or shoulder strap you must read the instructions and learn to position the straps correctly and if you moving don’t about the instructions fill him in. Wear appropriate dress and shoes and measure the furniture and doorways where the furniture needs to pass out. Decide the best route to take and place the straps either on your arms and shoulders and lay the lifting straps on the floor in front of item where you are moving. Center the strap in the middle and lift at the same time. If you are still confused how to use contact Long-distance movers for further information.

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