How to Keep Your Home Free from Pests and Vermin

As we enter the winter months, and the weather gets colder, more and more unwanted creatures seeking warmth will try to seek refuge in our homes. These animals can range from mildly annoying to terrifying and destructive. 

Older and less well-maintained properties are generally more susceptible to pests and vermin, however there are a number of steps you can take to limit and prevent these pesky critters from terrorising your home. In this guide, we’ll walk you through our top ways to help you do this. 

Fill or block any openings or cracks 

This is the most direct way you can stop pests and vermin from outside getting into your property. Go to the effort of examining you whole home to identify these openings or cracks in walls and floorboards. This could take a little longer than expected as you will have to look behind furniture or units such as washing machines and dishwashers if you want to do a thorough job. 

Places you should pay extra attention to include cracks around windows, doors and where utility lines enter your home. Some pests will also try and get through any gaps around your sink, using it as access to a water source. You can use filler, or if you have nothing else in the meantime, Sellotape can help prevent pests getting in. 

Keep your kitchen clean 

Ensuring you don’t leave food out will remove a big incentive for peckish animals who may be looking for an easy bite to eat. Cockroaches, slugs, ants and rodents are particularly enticed by left out food so aside from leaving plates of food out, you should make sure counters, tables and worktops are all wiped clean so that there isn’t any residue left from food which may attract pests or vermin. If you have a pet, clear away any uneaten food before it attracts unwanted visitors. 

Store waste properly 

Bins and food waste can be like a magnet to a whole variety of pests. All household waste should be placed in outside bins with no cracks or openings. If you attract bugs and rodents from far and wide near your home, there is a greater chance that they’ll stick around and find a way into your abode. 

Inside, you should keep all food waste in one designated bin, instead of having it spread out in different open-top bins throughout the house. A compost bin should also have a secure lid to not tempt creepy-crawlies. 

Clean your home regularly

A regular spring clean will discourage any unwanted visitors from taking up permanent residence. Vacuuming, dusting, and mopping keep dust and cobwebs away and make it harder for pests to make a permanent home. You’ll also be removing crumbs, bits of food or anything that might attract them. It’ll also help you to get to know your home and you may spot cracks or gaps where bugs and vermin could gain entry. 

Make sure your drains aren’t bunged up 

Drains and pipes with gunk and residue built up will attract the unwelcome creatures and can make good breeding grounds, especially for flies. Washing them out regularly will also ensure they are flushed out before they can get near your home. 

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