How to Install a Garage Door

Installing a garage door is a complicated task, but with the help of this guide, you can install a standard single 8-foot wide by 7-foot-high non-insulated sectional garage door with extension springs. Before beginning the project, you have to arrange the equipment and materials, including Wrench set, Hammer,Drill,Bubble level,Step ladder,Safety glasses,Garage door, 8-foot wide by 7-foot high (four sections), Nails, 3-inch and Shims.

When it comes to installation, remove the existing door, then inspect and prepare the opening and use the level to check that the door is level and the sides are plumb. The framing should be two-by-six lumber, and the molding should be in good condition. Prepare the bottom door section by pulling out and placing it downward to avoid any scratch. Attach the metal brackets with provided screws, then locate and attach two of the hinges and attach them to the other long edge of the door section.

Now it’s time to install door sections in which you have to lay the bottom door section in the door opening. Tack the bottom section temporarily by driving 3-inch nail into the door section, and with the second section, you have to attach hinges to the second section’s long top edge. Stack the second section on top of the first section and tack the second section into place with nails. Attach hinges from the top of the first section to the bottom of second and continue with the remaining two sections.

Add door opener bracket kit to the top of door so that the garage door can securely attach to the door. Use the screws,look nuts, washers to attach the bracket kit to the top of door section. Attach the garage door opener operator reinforcement bracket and insert the rollers into the garage door hinges and bottom brackets.  Assemble the vertical track and install the vertical tracks around the roller wheels. Attach horizontal tracks and support end of horizontal tracks, then attach rear track hangers to the garage ceiling. Now install springs ,lifing cable, and test the door. Throughout this installation process, if you find any difficulty, contact Garage Door Suppliers Woodbridge for further assistance.

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