How to Educate Students on Maintaining a Clean School?

Clean surroundings are essential everywhere, especially in crowded places such as schools and public places. It is how we ensure better health for everyone. 

Schools, in particular, need special care because children can be messy and playful most of the day. To cater to such a need for high maintenance, schools and other educational institutions are hiring special school cleaning services

By maintaining the following things, schools and cleaning services can keep the premises clean while teaching children how to maintain cleanliness. This education is invaluable in a child’s life and growth. 

1. Install Waste Disposal Units

Every school may already have waste bins. But the important thing to check is if the number of bins installed is enough for the school’s size. If not, the waste will eventually make its way onto the ground and other secluded areas. 

Consider using large-capacity waste bins. Wide-top bins are also a good idea as they reduce the risk of overflowing waste. Most importantly, cleaners should frequently empty these bins to prevent food scraps from rotting in the bins or cross-contamination. 

This improves sanitary conditions within schools.  

2. Designated Sanitary Stations

Schools are one place where kids interact with many of their friends, making it easy to transmit germs and bacteria. Thus, schools and cleaning services must take extra care to designate enough sanitary stations. 

Some ideas to consider:

  • Touch-free sanitisation 
  • Tissue and sanitiser dispenser
  • Feminine hygiene products

These initiatives will educate children on the importance of cleanliness and a hygienic lifestyle. 

3. Develop a Cleaning Schedule

The first thing a school cleaning service would ask you is your preferred cleaning schedule. It outlines what areas to clean, how often to do it, and how to do it. Having such a defined cleaning schedule would encourage the students to do their bit to keep their school premises clean and healthy. 

While developing a cleaning schedule, you must make a note of areas that require deep cleaning and how often. After detailing the schedule, it is also important to stick to it. This kind of thorough cleaning at schools will help children get into the habit of keeping their surroundings clean. 

4. Pay Attention to Odour Control

Bad odour can be extremely distracting and discomforting. Thus, the school cleaning services pay extra attention to odour control. This creates a more inviting and conducive learning environment for everyone.

Implement strategies such as regular cleaning of garbage bins, ensuring proper ventilation, and addressing any potential sources of unpleasant odours promptly. Use air fresheners or consider natural alternatives like essential oil diffusers to create a fresh atmosphere. 

Besides, conducting periodic inspections is also vital to identify and eliminate any odour-causing issues. 

5. Invite Student Suggestions

Students are an integral part of schools. Considering their opinions and feedback makes your students feel involved and responsible. 

An excellent way to achieve this is by creating channels for students to provide feedback, such as suggestion boxes, online surveys, or regular meetings with student representatives. Encourage them to share their ideas on how to improve cleanliness, hygiene, and overall maintenance in school. 

Also, it is encouraging to implement some of their suggestions and openly acknowledge their contributions. This collaborative approach not only promotes a cleaner environment but also empowers students to take pride in their school and instil a sense of responsibility for their surroundings.

6. Establish Emergency Cleaning Procedures

As much as schools need regular cleaning, emergency cleaning procedures are also crucial for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. It also ensures swift and effective responses to unexpected, unsightly situations such as spills and vomits. 

But while implementing these procedures, remembering the following can be helpful:

  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities for your school cleaning staff during emergencies. 
  • Provide training on proper protocols and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) if necessary. 
  • Ensure necessary cleaning supplies and equipment are readily available and easily accessible. 

Lastly, you must also regularly review and update the emergency cleaning procedures to align with any changes in health guidelines or regulations. By having these procedures in place, the school can respond promptly and minimise potential risks to students and staff.

7. Foster a Clean Classroom Culture

Creating a clean classroom culture encourages students and teachers to take responsibility for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. 

  • Promote cleanliness as a shared value and provide clear expectations for classroom cleanliness. 
  • Teach students about the importance of keeping their personal spaces clean and organised. 
  • Provide adequate cleaning supplies like disinfectant wipes or sprays, paper towels, and trash bins. 
  • Encourage students to clean up after themselves and dispose of trash properly. Recognise and reward classrooms that consistently maintain cleanliness. 

By fostering a clean classroom culture, students develop habits of cleanliness and take pride in their learning environment, promoting a healthier and more conducive atmosphere for learning.

In Conclusion

Implementing best practices for school cleaning services is vital for maintaining a clean, healthy, and conducive learning environment. With the help of skilled school cleaning services, schools can effectively minimise the spread of germs and provide a safe space for students and staff. 

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