Gardening: Common mistakes to avoid to help save you ‘time’ and ‘money’ – ‘dangerous’

Gardening: Common mistakes to avoid to help save you ‘time’ and ‘money’ – ‘dangerous’

It’s not always easy to keep a garden in tip top condition, especially if gardeners don’t have the right conditions or are not using the right methods and tools. Gardening experts at BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine have shared practical tips for gardeners to follow so they can save both time and money.

They explained how there are some common mistakes gardeners make when it comes to caring for their gardens.

The experts said: “Gardening shouldn’t be about slavishly following a rule book, but there are some common mistakes that could cost you both time and money.”

Below are mistakes gardeners should be avoiding at this time.

Letting weeds take over

Weeds are easy to manage when they’re small. 

Simply cute off the tops of annual weed seedlings every couple of weeks, and dig out young perennials while they have a small root. 

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Not wearing protective gear when using garden machinery 

Protective gear is there to protect gardeners. 

Goggles prevent injury to eyes when operating machinery such as strimmers and hedge trimmers.

Ear defenders protect against loss of hearing when using loud machines such as leaf blowers and sturdy shoes enable gardeners to garden without risk of harming their feet while using any tools or machinery, from a garden fork to a lawn mower. 

The experts said: “Not protecting yourself is not only not sensible, but can be potentially dangerous.”

Not cleaning tools

Cleaning and sharpening garden tools helps them work better and last longer. 

Simple tasks such as wiping mud off of spades after using it helps keep the blade sharp and prevents rust developing.

Cleaning and oiling secateurs ensures sharp, clean cuts that enable plant wounds to heal quickly and therefore reduce the likelihood of disease setting in. 

What’s more, disinfecting tools after pruning certain plants can reduce the transference of diseases from one plant to another.

Leaving death traps for wildlife

It’s easy to forget that wildlife use gardens as much as gardeners do, and that some areas of the garden can be dangerous for animals. 

If ponds have steep sides then hedgehogs can fall in and drown. 

If pea netting is being used then birds, reptiles and small mammals can become trapped and starve. 

Birds can get their legs trapped in plastic netting, while a new fence or wall can cut off a wildlife corridor and prevent animals from finding food and a mate. 

What’s more, not checking before trimming can cause injury and death to slow worms and hedgehogs.

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