Features of Flexible Packaging Stand Up Pouch That You Need for Your Business

Every business has the same goal, and that is to generate a lot of profit. A new packaging solution that comes with many benefits is the flexible packaging stand up pouch. These stand-up pouches are incredibly versatile, cost-effective, and durable. This packaging option can put your business on the right track to achieving your goals. 

What Are Flexible Stand Up Pouches?

Flexible pouches are bags typically made of plastic or metal foil. Companies use them for packaging everything from liquids to snack foods. Over the past few years, they have been extremely popular in the food packaging industry. You can find them on store shelves across the globe. 

Many companies prefer to use them because they are environmentally friendly, resealable, and cheaper compared to cardboard, metal, and glass containers. The widespread acceptance is linked to the fact that they take up much less space in the landfills and have a much lower carbon footprint than other packaging materials.

A flexible packaging stand up pouch is designed by having multiple layers of special film and laminating them all together. This process produces a bag that works as a barrier, protecting the contents from light, air, moisture, odour, vapour, or pests. 

Although they are puncture-resistant, you can store these flexible stand-up pouches conveniently. People can slide them easily in the medicine cabinet, freezer, RV pantry, cupboard, hall closet, garage, etc. Considering their standing position, they save plenty of space. 

What Are the Features of Flexible Packaging Stand Up Pouch

Reclosable or Resealable Zippers. These zippers on the stand up pouches are a key feature or add-on option. They are designed with a plastic track that has two plastic components; thus, interlocking for pouch reclosability. 

The zipper helps ensure that the content inside the pouch stays fresh for much longer. If your product requires extended time for preservation of aroma, taste, and nutrients, the zippers are good features for your stand up pouch packaging design. The zipper also helps in diffusing unpleasant odours. 

Valves or Vents. Flexible stand up pouches also come with a pressure relief valve as an add-on feature. It is attached to the bag to vent out unnecessary gases from the content inside the pouch. This helps keep the products stay fresh for longer. The valves are also used to allow the customer to smell the product inside through the valve. 

Those products that require additional ventilation can also benefit from having vent holes on their pouches. The pouches can obtain lots of dimensions and perforations of the holes through customization. This depends on the barrier requirements of the customers on the product. 

Clear Windows. A flexible packaging stand up pouch with a clear window offers transparency to the consumers. For product visibility, these clear windows can come in various sizes and shapes. Using this add-on is useful in showing the consumers what is inside the pouches, encouraging them to purchase the product. 

Tear Notches. When it comes to tear notches, a portion of the stand up pouch is pre-cut to persuade the customer to tear off the bag immediately. Opting for tear notches gives you straight and clean pouch openings. You can quickly open a flexible pouch with a tear notch just by hand. 

Rounded Corners. Many companies today manufacture flexible packaging stand up pouches with round corners. Rounded corners are a great alternative to sharp corners on packaging pouches. These rounded pouches have become a preferred choice because they help prevent injuries while handling the pouches. They also give your brand a more professional look. 

Round Punch Holes. Also called a hang hole, the round pouch hole is an optional feature that you can use in your stand up pouch design. The hole increases the function of your flexible packaging stand up pouch. 

The hang hole application is available in two designs; the butterfly hang hole and the round hang hole. Round punch holes are suitable for packaging food items that are on the go, for example, trail mixes and beef jerky. They are also commonly used on snack food products that are usually displayed on wall hooks and impulse aisles. 

In addition, a hang hole is a valuable option when there is a lack of shelf space. 

Bottom Gusset. The flexible packaging stand up pouch gets its name from its bottom gusset. it is the part of the packaging pouch that extends flat and helps the bag stand up steady and stable when it is full. On the other hand, the gusset collapses and lays flat when the pouch is empty, allowing you to save space. 

This space-saving feature is beneficial in both storage and freight space. 

Why Convert from Rigid Packaging to Flexible Pouches?

The design of the flexible stand up pouch provides you with several display options. You can put your promotional stickers or product labels on the front and back parts of the pouch. 

Depending on your preferences, you can customize the printing to your specifications, which would be to apply to the pouch barrier directly. You may also incorporate clear film to create the barrier. You may also combine these methods.

So, if you are considering converting to flexible stand up pouches, remember that the benefits of making this decision are many. These include the following:

  • Allow for more efficient warehousing since empty pouches consume significantly less space than solid packaging
  • Require about 50% less energy to produce
  • Produce less landfill waste
  • Provide a competitive advantage for your brand through shelf impact, visibility, differentiation, and a range of convenient features
  • Produce a higher product-to-package ratio
  • More portable and lighter for on-the-go consumers
  • Produce less CO2 emissions during production
  • Allow for near-total product evacuation
  • Utilize about 60% less plastic than rigid plastic bottles
  • Require fewer vehicles for transportation, minimizing CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption

Another thing to keep in mind is that when looking for stand up pouches for your liquid products; choose a packaging company that offers specialized expertise in designing and packaging liquids. 

In general, your business can benefit from using flexible packaging stand up pouch regardless of your product. Now is the best time to transition from using rigid packaging to functional pouches.

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