Family room ideas: 10 design rules for informal living room

Table of Contents Family room ideas 1. Maximize storage in a family room2. Ensure that your family room is well-lit3. Factor technology into your plans4. Get the furniture right5. Use pattern to enhance character6. Choose furnishings wisely7. Visually expand your space with clever color choices8. Go big in a small family […]

Family room ideas are the perfect spot for gathering as a household, entertaining and even a quiet spot of relaxation, therefore, it is imperative that we give the interior design of these spaces just as much consideration as we would the rest of the home. 

While the first reception room may be the place for more formal living room ideas aimed at hosting guests, a family room is the part of the house where movie nights reign supreme, the kids can indulge in their favorite board games, and the whole family can relax in each other’s company.

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