In case you have a messy look of wires, sockets, and other ports especially in your business premises, floor boxes are the ultimate solution to get easy access to them. There are concrete slab electrical boxes that help in making tidy connections throughout the premises. The floor boxes are designed in a way to be installed on raised floors. There are numerous models available in the market, however, these are not much different in terms of look, functions, features, and standard depth. Mostly these are made of stainless steel. Nowadays, these are also available in brass or bronze and the latest models are also easy to fit as well as remove. Here, we shall discuss the steps to install a floor box.


PICK A LOCATION FOR THE BOX AND MAKE THE OPENING: Firstly, select the location where you want the floor box to be installed. It is a matter of fact that in case you want to fit any floor box, you need to make an opening known as an aperture in the floor. It depends upon the size of your premises, the larges the premises, the more the floor boxes and more the openings required. The cutting of floor is a professional work and thus you may need the assistance of a tradesperson to get the task done. Once the openings are made, you can start installing the boxes. 

PREPARE THE BOX AND SET IT RIGHT IN POSITION: First, make sure in which direction the cable under the floor runs and once you know, you can remove the relevant knockouts on the floor box. The knockouts are made through the circular holes through which the power and data cables system connect to the modules inside the box. Now, position the floor box correctly in the floor opening to make it accept connections. Some floor boxes come with a protective cover which you must unscrew and lift off before placing the box into the opening. 

PRESS THE BOX INTO PLACE: Once, it is held in the correct position, lower it down into the opening and at the same time, push it down firmly with both hands. This will fix the box in place. Many standard boxes have adjustable toggle clamps that fix to the floor around the edge of the opening. Simply turn the screws to tighten each clamp to make sure the box stays securely in place. Make sure that you turn off the electricity while you begin the wiring process. 

FIT THE LID AND TRIM: Nowadays, many fast-fit models have their hinged, reversible lid already fitted, so it can remain in place during installation. If not, you should fit the lid and trim it by pushing it into place. The ratchets allow the trim to line up and fit the correct floor level. 

Depending upon your requirement, you might prefer to buy a concrete floor outlet box, box fully assembled, etc. These are quite convenient to use and install and ensure easy access to electrical sockets and data ports.

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