Different Types of Accent Chairs: How To Find the Right One

Custom-made upholstered chairs are one of the best pieces of furniture because of their ability to add personality to your living space. They can effortlessly help improve the color and style of any room. Additionally, they are highly functional items allowing you, your family members, and guests to sit comfortably. When you have an accent chair on the side of your bed, you can use it whenever you want to unwind before sleeping at night. In your living room, it is a must to add accent chairs to give your guests the best experience.

Wherever you will place your accent chairs, rest assured that they can enhance the overall look of the room by adding a modern and sophisticated touch. In the market, there is a wide range of accent chairs to choose from so there is no need to worry whether or not you can find the one that suits your taste, budget, and preference. We created this comprehensive guide to help you know your options and choose the pieces that can make your home perfect.

The well-known types of accent chairs today


If you prefer classic and straightforward seating areas, then armchairs are for you. They usually come with simple designs and color schemes allowing them to fit in any type of interior design. The majority of homeowners place them either in the living room or dining room but it still depends on the available space in your house.

Sculptural chairs

If you want to have an eye-catching seating area, then the sculptural chairs are must-haves. They are extremely comfortable statement pieces. You would even want to sit on it and relax for a long period of time. They are luxurious enough to grab the attention of anyone. Aside from that, they can be used as decorative pieces best for modern-looking homes. Rest assured that they can be the main focal point of the room regardless of the design and size.

Chairs without arms

Chairs without arms are more popular than slipper chairs because of their small size. Unlike the armchair, it is relatively small and does not feature a large footprint. You have the freedom to place them anywhere in the house. A lot of homeowners prefer to place it alongside a sofa or loveseat which can complement one another. It has the power to make the place colorful and at the same time provide more seating to your family and guests.

Consideration when buying accent chairs

One of the most important considerations before buying accent chairs is the available space in your house. If you push through with your plan of buying a large accent chair, would there be enough space where you can easily walk around? If yes, then by all means purchase that accent chair. But if its presence can make your living space appear cramped, then it is best to reconsider your purchase decision and opt for smaller ones.

Before visiting any physical or online store, you must first measure the width, depth, and height of the space. It will help you decide whether or not the size of the accent chair you wish to buy can easily fit in there. Additionally, it is one of the best ways to ensure that it will not occupy too much space in the room which can potentially affect your productivity and efficiency.

When buying an armchair, it is critical to determine if the floor space can accommodate allowing you to experience your ideal comfort. As a result, anyone can move from one place to another without affecting the person sitting. It would also be great if the armchairs that you would buy can easily fit in the door of your house. In this way, you will not have a hard time transferring it from the outside to the inside of your living space. Lastly, you must also consider how heavy the accent chairs are to ensure that you can easily move them anywhere in the house without asking for help.

In Conclusion

Determine which type of accent chairs would work best for your house. Then, decide what design and color must they have to create an aesthetically pleasing room. During the decision-making process, you must be able to consider the factors listed above to find the right pieces for you!

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