Defining Your Unique Brand As A Luxury Real Estate Agent

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Each luxury real estate agent should have their own unique branding. Whether it is a result derived from affiliating with a luxury brokerage such as Sotheby’s International Realty or Compass or achieved otherwise, it is essential to have a specific and clear identity. Brand consistency and uniqueness not only allow you to showcase your skills and expertise but also give you an edge against the competition. 

Luxury real estate clients look for a professional who is not only capable of completing a transaction but who can also understand their lifestyle and way of thinking.

Be Yourself, Be Unique

Learning from others is always a good way to build a baseline for your business, but being yourself and focusing on portraying your uniqueness will likely give you a huge advantage. Take some time to define what makes you different from your competition. For example, what are your experiences, values and strengths? How do you like to communicate? Are you a creative person? What are your passions? Answering these questions will allow you to refine your brand in a way that cannot be matched. 

Staying positive and having fun are also important traits. You are likely to attract like-minded individuals and create partnerships with others who are similar to you. With this positive mindset, even during hard times, clients will look forward to continuing to work with you not only for your skills but also for your personality. 

Create Your Own Network

The luxury real estate client is likely to look for a professional who has direct connections with different industries and individuals. Many brokerages offer unique ways to interact with each other and network inside the brand. It is important to not mistake a direct personal network that we nurture and receive business from in return for a directory of agents in the same brand. When a luxury selling client is looking to hire a professional, chances are that they are looking for an agent who cannot only list their property but can also find a buyer in their own networks. 

Networking events such as conferences in different industries are a great way to vet for new connections. When approaching someone at such an event, a good practice is to provide something of value and to make an impression that builds trust. Creating a networking brochure showcasing your brand, mission statement and a personal message on how you conduct business goes a long way in comparison to swapping business cards. The person you are talking to will want to know why they should trust you and how you will handle their clients. The confidence you emit strengthens the networking connection.

Printed Or Digital?

Which is the future calling for? The answer is both. Real estate advertising is most effective when we use all forms of media communication. However, as we move toward a “touchless” experience, digital presence is slowly taking over all the printed materials. 

When publishing digital content, it is imperative to keep track of all the material and conduct a regular audit of your online presence. Make sure that it is consistent all the way around and that all links are working. Understand what the target audience is looking for and publish meaningful content to directly target such an audience. 

Lifestyle Versus Real Estate

Although we are in the real estate industry, all markets are experiencing a shift or are bracing for the unknown of the future. Objections on how to market a luxury property during uncertain times can be easily overcome by focusing on the lifestyle of the area. Video is a great tool in this case. For example, for a property in proximity of a ski resort, it is a great idea to have videography capturing skiers, the lift, the design of the location and any other lifestyle elements that would make a buyer fall in love with the property — and most importantly, with what the area has to offer. Make them want to live in and experience the local community. 

Deliver What You Promise

Finally, always deliver what you promise. For example, a listing consultation booklet may show that a new luxury listing will be syndicated on thousands of websites. It is important to be able to point out those websites. The same goes for printed publications. A brokerage is likely to have relationships with several publications and those may be listed in the listing consultation booklet, but once again, it is essential to be able to pinpoint to clients exactly where and how their assets are displayed. 

Create and refine your unique promise as a luxury real estate agent and always strive to deliver nothing less.

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