Create a terra-cotta look with a mix of paint and baking soda

Create a terra-cotta look with a mixture of paint and baking soda on a plastic pot.

Happy New Year! While ringing in 2022 looked different than it has in past years for many of us, I hope you found something special to commemorate it. 

A new year is all about starting fresh. And while that’s mostly taken the form of cleaning and purging for me (as I’ve written about in past columns), this weekend I worked on a fun day project to bring a fresh look to some old plant pots. 

Theresa "Tess" Bennett

If you, too, have an affinity for collecting houseplants, you know how expensive this hobby can get. I’ve always been shocked at the cost of pots — not to mention the fact that houseplants can quickly outgrow their containers and need a change (or several) throughout their lifetime.  

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I typically opt for plastic pots, mostly due to cost. They do have other benefits — they dry out more quickly than terra cotta and other ceramic pots, which can help prevent root rot. They’re also lighter, making it easier to transport them and hang them on walls or from ceilings. 

One pitfall, though, is achieving a clean look with them. Some plastic pots do a decent job of mimicking their terra-cotta counterparts, but at the end of the day, you can still tell they’re plastic. Plus, if you’re like me, you keep those suckers in the cheap plastic pots they come in as long as possible. 

A textured paint can make any object look like terra cotta. These plastic pots undergo a transformation.

Cue a Pinterest painting hack that is here to save the day. For months now, I’ve seen DIY gurus transform glassware and other thrifted finds into ceramics with a simple mixture of acrylic or latex paint and baking soda. This mix creates a textured paint that can make any object look like terra cotta. 

Feigning pottery from glass for the sake of decoration isn’t really my thing — I’d rather have the real deal. But it dawned on me that I could use this hack to create a cohesive look across all my plants.

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