10 Things to Write the Next Time You Send a Birthday Card:

Knowing what to say is tough sometimes, the folks over at Rubber Chicken Cards have given us 10 great messages to include in your next birthday card. 1: “Another year has gone by, and with it, more stories, more lessons, and more memories. Here’s to the journey ahead. Happy Birthday!” 2: “Just like the sun in the sky, you bring …

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Housekeeping, Health and Harmony

Regardless of whether your house is big or tiny, in the city or in the state, it is a room that ought to embrace you with convenience, health and fitness, beauty and a sense of harmony. As creator Cheryl Mendelson suggests, “When you maintain dwelling, you use your head, your coronary heart and your fingers with each other to create …

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Enjoying the Nightlife when You Live in El Paso, TX

Nightlife is the best way to gauge what type of city you’re moving to. Does it have enough fun and excitement for you? Are there going to be people close to your age and interests? Although El Paso may not be many people‚Äôs first thought when it comes to nightlife, let this city surprise you! 1. EPIC This is the …

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Activities that put you in a good mood

The definition of “Paint and Sip” is what it sounds like; sip your favorite drink (or sip wine) while painting your favorite picture. It’s a new common alternative that can replace old plans of going to the mall or another movie night with your friends. It’s an activity that puts you in a good mood, enjoying nothing but good art, …

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