Can you guess what decade these vintage gardening ads are from?


WRONG! The sofa pictured was available in the early 1970s, we had one!! And from Sears!
The Flymo was also available in the later 1970s. MeTV — you need to have experienced quiz makers on staff!

Clearly a late 1960s early 1970s couch. Also easily researchable. The Where America Shops…. Campaign ran in the 1970s. The accompanying thin, serif logo with wider letters was the late 60s thru 1980 when they switched to the tan bags. Also. Dayna below this post got a 9/10 not a 10/10. Being as wrong as the teacher doesn’t make you right.

They were big in the 80’s also my mom still has hers.


Guess I don’t have a green thumb, only 9/12.

7/12 I was doing good, but then missed the last 4.

I never paid much attention to gardening ads. But I did earn $1.50 per lawn mowed back in the 1960’s. Sometimes paid in Franklin half dollars. Remember those?

I remember them but haven’t seen one in years.

Yeah…this divorced lady paid me in those…jungled in my pocket felt like I was really somebody. Lol. The things u remember.

I missed five that time!

Can I tell what decade these ads are from? Let’s just say no and leave it there…

Good answer.

LoL, good one.

8/12 I feel like a bloomin’ idiot.


4/12 UGH! LOL


8/12, considering all the yard work I have done in the past, should have done better.

5/12. I never do well on these ad quizzes.

9/12. Missed 9, 11 and 12. Guess the quiz kind of grows on you.🌿🍀🍃🌻


I admit to blowing #s 3, 11 & 12. #5 was a straight gimme with all those dial phones.

6/12 not so good

50% right and 50% wrong. That’s my way of looking at it lol

I like your way of looking at it. Neither optimistically or pessimistically, more realistically or as
Tom Hanks once said:

I press the wrong answer sometimes accidentally and don’t realize it till it’s too late.

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