Amazon Shoppers Love These Small Space Furniture Pieces

Amazon Shoppers Love These Small Space Furniture Pieces

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When it comes to living in a small space (shout out to my first New York City apartment), finding furniture that’s stylish and functional can be quite the daunting task. Pieces not only need to look good, but they need to fit — bonus points if they serve more than one purpose at a time. If your aching feet have had enough of trekking to every furniture store Google swore was “nearby,” it’s time to let Amazon do most of the work for you.

Recently, Amazon curated a collection of exactly what you may be looking for — small space solutions. These pieces of furniture are designed to fit nicely in tight spaces without making rooms feel crowded or over-stuffed. Instead, the designs combine function and style to provide what most people living in tighter quarters don’t think they can have, like a place to eat that’s not the couch. And, plenty of these pieces are on sale.

Buy It! CozyCasa Farmhouse Dining Table, $190.99–269.99;

The CozyCasa Farmhouse Dining Table is that exact piece of furniture. Measuring up at just under four feet long, this table — which comes in either an oval or rectangular shape — can be paired with a set of chairs or a bench that fits snugly underneath it. The table has real beachwood legs, a steel frame for stability, and an easy-to-clean Melamine-coated top. The legs have plastic pegs attached to the bottoms to avoid pulling rugs or scratching wooden floors, and the top is waterproof, so it will withstand the occasional spill during meals. In a smaller space, this table can easily double as a work-from-home desk, too. 

Check out all 28 of our picks, below.

Buy It! Kibaga Wall-Mounted Key and Mail Holder, $17.97 (orig. $24.97);

Another standout piece from this collection is the Kibaga Wall-Mounted Key and Mail Holder. This handy little wall mount has a shelf for mail or a small wallet and five hooks for lightweight coats, face masks, keys, dog leashes, and more. It’s made out of solid pine wood and finished in gray to blend in seamlessly with a number of decor styles. The wall unit comes with everything needed to mount it safely and one shopper noted that it supports more weight than anticipated.

If you have a small space that needs an upgrade or two with a new piece of furniture built specifically for your needs, head to Amazon’s newly curated collection to shop these finds and more today.

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