20 Expert Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas And Tactics

20 Expert Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas And Tactics

If you put a lot of effort into your real estate marketing and don’t include video marketing, the chances are slim that you will acquire leads or get any responses for your marketing strategies

Uploading impressive pictures for your real estate property doesn’t have the same impact as before. Now, people want everything from the comfort of their homes, including virtual tours of your property. 

If you ponder why you must use video marketing for your Real Estate Online Marketing, the only convincing answer is “your competitors are already using it!”.

We understand that there are times you won’t be getting ideas for video marketing every time, and video production can be overwhelming. 

So, here are 20 Expert Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas And Tactics you can employ for your video marketing strategies. 

20 Best Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas in 2022

  1. Responding to the queries of your audience

After analysing your target demographics and understanding the pattern of clients, investors, and other stakeholders you are encountering, you can only address their queries. Some questions include:

  • Do you have a high volume of out-of-town buyers?
  • How frequently do you deal with new clients?
  • Are you comfortable and have expertise in dealing with investors? 

Each of these individuals has unique wants and queries! Your real estate video marketing strategies should revolve around addressing their inquiries. 

  1. Create video listings and tours

These video forms are the backbone of your real estate digital marketing strategy because they give the visitor a complete perspective of the property without personally visiting it.

Your video listings may be brief, lasting up to 60 seconds – which works well on social media – or they could be more detailed, lasting more than 60 seconds and being posted on your webpage and YouTube channel.

  1. Personalized videos for email marketing to foster trust

Including videos for your email marketing campaign is a simple yet powerful way to establish trust and expertise and remain on your prospect’s radar via customised communication. Further, it creates a personal connection while keeping you and the property front of mind.

  1. Create a video tour of your community

A neighbourhood tour is a must-have video when developing your real estate video marketing. These resources help your prospective customers visualise the neighbourhood around their possible house. Through community movies, you may show potential purchasers the area’s landmarks. 

  1. Create a video introduction

Video introductions are an excellent way to promote yourself and your business to new visitors. Additionally, they personalise your real estate branding and establish rapport with potential buyers.

You can post such videos on your webpage, Facebook, or YouTube sites. Or you can forward it to suitable prospects as an email. Further, you may include your introduction video into your profile on several platforms where your listings are available.

  1. Host Facebook and Instagram Live videos

Live streaming on Facebook and Instagram is gaining traction in the real estate industry. They enable realtors to exhibit their properties in real-time and allow visitors to connect and ask inquiries immediately. Hence, hosting live sessions for Real Estate Online Marketing is an excellent strategy. 

  1. Create educational and tips videos

You may make how-to films, tips, or clips to inform house buyers and sellers about certain things. These videos shouldn’t have to be about your listings’ real estate sales or acquisitions. They may instead concentrate on genuinely meeting the demands of your potential customers or alleviating their pain points.

  1. Follow-up videos

Following the first contact, a polite follow-up video may be quite beneficial in establishing rapport with your consumers or prospects.

What kind of content can you include in videos for your follow-up email?

  • Briefly describe the property
  • Restaurants, recreation, and shopping recommendations in the region
  • A brief welcome expressing your delight at the possibility of assisting them in locating their dream home
  1. Videos providing market updates

Real estate trends evolve throughout time. As a result, it is critical to keep your customers informed about the market to make an educated purchasing choice.

Market update videos may help you position yourself as a leading figure in the real estate sector in the eyes of prospective clients. It establishes credibility and increases the buyer’s trust in you. So, such videos must be a part of your Real Estate Video Marketing. 

  1. Video testimonials from customers

Testimonial videos are an excellent approach to showing your ability to complete a task. The unfortunate reality is that even if you have achieved enormous success in the property market, your efforts are futile if you have nothing to show for it. 

Notably, such videos enlighten your customers about your company, the issues that purchasers experience when purchasing property, and how you may assist them in resolving them.

  1. Tips & techniques for beginners

Several new home buyers turn out to YouTube for getting valuable insights about property buying and selling. So another excellent method is to educate such beginners by recording and uploading informative videos. 

  1. Live Q&A Sessions Hosting 

Live Q&A sessions are an excellent way to announce the following:

  • The market has a new listing.
  • Offers of discounts,
  • Distributing local news,
  • Recent property sales

On platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you can instantly launch a live broadcast in which viewers may ask you several questions.

These are some of the ideas you can implement for your Real Estate Video Marketing. Let’s find some tactics that will help make the most of your video marketing. 

  1. Prepare in advance

Video marketing is not a random approach that can be thrown up and implemented fast. It takes time to prepare the sort of videos you want to make, the methods you’ll use to record and edit them, and the locations you’ll use for them.

Take the time to plan before plunging into video. Determine which videos you desire and which videos you need. Determine a strategy for prioritising the production of such videos. Create a clear strategy outlining how you will market the videos.

  1. Create human-like videos!

Purchasing (or selling) a house is such an intimate process, and the procedure is financially important and an emotional process. So, when creating videos, try to add that human touch, for instance, storytelling or planning a script on how they can make the most of the home, etc. 

  1. 360-degree property tour

Leverage the power of a 360-degree property tour to create a video experience that immerses your audience and takes them on a tour of the property without requiring them to move out of their homes. 

  1. Promote videos strategically

Strategically promoting your videos is possibly the most integral aspect of the process. Allow sufficient time to outline how you will promote the video across social and search channels. You must target new consumers and those presently in the market for a property.

  1. Utilize Unobtrusive Background Music

Music that is overly loud or has high beats per minute count might take your attention away from what is going on. Select background music that subtly reinforces your message—that the resort is enjoyable, serene, welcoming, unusual, or exquisite.

  1. Placement of videos

When it comes to real estate video marketing, the thing to consider is the placement of the videos. And, to be quite honest, there is only one response. YouTube. Additionally, Youtube videos can also show up on Google SERPs. 

  1. Attempt at Keeping Your Videos Brief

Short films are ideal for real estate video marketing since they are more powerful and efficient. Bear in mind that the lengthier your video is, the greater the likelihood that the audience may exit. So, try to deliver the maximum impact through concise videos. 

  1. Integrate videos on your landing pages

If you are running PPC campaigns, you must have a landing page. Hence, it is imperative to include videos on your landing pages to boost conversion rates. This an important tactic for your Real Estate Online Marketing

Final Say

Regardless of the technology you use, producing a professional-looking video is critical for success in today’s real estate industry. As video continues to grow in popularity, there has never been a better moment to enter the sector and maximise the value of your assets.

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