10 Things to Write the Next Time You Send a Birthday Card:

Knowing what to say is tough sometimes, the folks over at Rubber Chicken Cards have given us 10 great messages to include in your next birthday card.

1: “Another year has gone by, and with it, more stories, more lessons, and more memories. Here’s to the journey ahead. Happy Birthday!”

2: “Just like the sun in the sky, you bring brightness to those around you. Here’s to you! Happy Birthday.”

3: “May your grow wiser and more beautiful.. May this birthday be as amazing as you!”

4: “Every candle on your cake represents a year of the wonderful life you have lived. Here’s to all the great memories! Happy Birthday.”

5: “Some say age is just a number, but I say it’s a blessing to be embraced. May you have countless blessings yet to come!”

6: “Each birthday is a new chapter in life. May your next chapter be filled with uncharted adventures, and a fairy tale ending.”

7: “Today you are celebrating another year of your life, but we are celebrating the wonderful person you are — Happy Birthday.”

8: “May today be filled with laughter, love, and cheer. And some really good cake and ice cream! ‘Gift yourself another beautiful year!'”

9: “May your birthday be filled with love, family, and happiness.”

10: “On this special day, remember the moments that made you smile, and to the ones the didn’t. Here’s to another amazing year. Happy Birthday!”

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